Highly strategic and commercial.

Corporate and portfolio strategy to maximise value, enable value extraction and/or annuity creation.

Experts in assembling and delivering development projects across multiple real estate sectors.

Skilled in analysing real estate structures to determine the appropriate property solution that creates maximum value.

Ability to think creatively to enable transactions and unlock capital solutions.

We tailor our services to be bespoke for our clients and partners needs. We can work in;

  • providing advisory services for portfolios, projects, property strategy, acquisitions/disposals, and/or
  • a development partnership where FLUENT are retained and participate in an increment of the value created, or
  • capital transactions services (where a bid, acquisition or project assembly)



Working with clients or partners to assemble a project opportunity (we cover the entire property value chain) including seed capital, real estate, occupancy, development solution, construction & take-out capital.

Strategic & Development Advisory

Corporate property strategy.

Providing development expertise to unlock unrealised real estate value – e.g. to reposition maximise value and/or to develop.

Providing strategic property advice to support value maximisation, portfolio strategy, balance sheet management, profit event realisation.

Development management services.

Deal Structuring & Capital Solutions

Providing strategic advice on structuring projects or transactions.

Enabling institutional capital to replace private capital in developments.

Supporting funds or consortiums to bid on capital transactions / development projects.

Fluent combines a formidable combination of experience and capability that uniquely connects real estate markets and capital markets, with development creation & deal structuring, with major project conversion and delivery.

We are not developers. We do not deploy our own capital seeking a return on capital deployed. We are experts at assembling projects and delivering projects. Our unique proposition is that we cover the whole property value chain, pulling all the parts of the value equation together.

Our Team

The team at FLUENT combine formidable experience and capability. Decades track record in Australia, the UK, Asia and the US at every point in the property value chain, with unrivalled expertise in major projects from inception to delivery.

Global experience deployed locally.


Mark is the chairman of Fluent. Current non-executive director at GPT and Downer and former CEO of Lendlease in Australia, Mark is arguably one of the most experienced major project and urban regeneration deal doers in Australia. His networks with capital & capability are profound, he has vast experience in government partnerships and he enjoys facilitating major projects.


Chief Executive Officer – Lendlease Australia
Global Head Infrastructure – Lendlease
Global Chief Executive Officer – Construction and Infrastructure Development, Lendlease


Ben is a founding partner of Fluent. A former CEO of Watpac, Head of Development for Lendlease in the UK and MD of International Quarter London, Ben has extensive major project and large scale urban regeneration experience. He majors in structuring agreements for success, maximising value for all stakeholders and has a proven track record in leading successful projects.


Chief Executive Officer – Watpac
Managing Director – International Quarter London
Head of Development Operations – Europe Lendlease


Andrew is a founding partner of Fluent. The former PD of West Village for Sekisui House where he originated and then delivered the scheme in a challenging and complex planning & political environment. He was also a former architect at Foster & Partners in London. Andrew brings a very creative approach to creating property value and vast experience in the retail, commercial and residential sectors.


Project Director – West Village, Sekisui House Australia
National Development Manager – Urban Regeneration Retail, Lendlease
Architect – Foster & Partners, London


Thomas is a Development Manager with Fluent. He majors in commercial analytics and project viability along with a well-rounded capability in planning, development origination and conversion.


Executive, Tenant Representation – JLL
Analyst – JLL


Dylan is a Development Manager with Fluent. He majors in project viability and delivery along with a core capability in marketing and stakeholder relations.


Development Manager with West Village – Sekisui House
Marketing Executive – Citimark Properties


Rosie is an analyst with Fluent. She majors in market research, economics and supporting feasibility and analytics in development.


Property Economics and Design – QUT
Administrator – W.W. Surveys


01Alignment of interest

We seek always to ensure our objectives are 100% aligned to that of our partner(s).


We always work to define a higher order objective. We are good at determining strategy and are very focused on delivering in-line with the strategic plan.


Property is an equation. One part will influence all others. We never take our eye off the overall position.


We understand & respect risk. We are good at mitigating risk and making it relative to return.


Theory needs to be able to be delivered. We ensure the advice and recommendations made are tested and viable and can offer the pathways and capacity to execute accordingly.

Clients & Partners

FLUENT work with various clients and partners, including;